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    Author To Reveal How Technology Determines Truth

    Nov. 9, 2010

    A renowned technology expert will explain why the Internet is making it harder than ever to know what’s true on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Duquesne University.

    Blogger, journalist and author Farhad Manjoo will explain how we can make sense of rumor, innuendo and faux news in the age of the Internet in a free presentation titled Navigating a Post-Fact World, which will take place at 7 p.m. in the Power Center Ballroom.

    Manjoo, who is best known for his controversial debunking of 9/11 conspiracy and stolen election theories, is a contributor to NPR, Slate Magazine and a new, buzz-generating blog, The Machinist, on His purview is the digital world, where competing versions of truth vie for our attention.

    In his book True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society, Manjoo explores how new technologies, which give us control over what we see and read, have caused “reality” to split across political and cultural lines. In the book, he warns of the dangers of living in an oversaturated media world and shows how myths pushed by both partisans and marketers, whether about global warming or the virtues of a certain candy bar, have emerged in recent years.

    Manjoo theorizes that this fracturing allows opposing groups to subscribe not only to different opinions but also to different facts. He believes that because of the increased number and variety of news sources available, we are able to pick and choose the news and truths that most agree with the beliefs we already hold, blurring the idea of what is considered true.

    The presentation will be followed by a book signing. For more information, call 412.396.6432.

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